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Profane Water - Black Ritual Water

Our ritually prepared Profane Water is perfect for scrying, anointing, or almost any ritual application where water is called for. Each 8 oz bottle comes with a free gemstone inside, selected for each bottle!

It looks like liquid night! Due to the alkalinity, it has extremely stable surface tension and will provide a black mirror-like surface by candlelight.

Why is it black?

Profane Water's color comes from an infusion of fulvic acid, which is derived from decaying organic matter. The water is odorless and perfectly clean, but full of elements encompassing the natural cycle of life!

Will it stain?

Profane water will not stain any surface when rinsed away. It may leave behind a dark deposit if allowed to dry, but this should also wash away without staining.

What is the pH of Profane Water?

8.0, slightly more alkaline than tap water.

Can I drink it?

It's spring water with added fulvic and humic acids. All of these elements are safe to consume, though the amino acids aren't specifically bioavailable to humans. Our official position is that this is intended for ritual use and not consumption. If you choke on a gemstone, that's on you.

Can I reuse it?

Yes! You can put it right back in the bottle, top it off with fresh distilled water, use it and reuse it however you want.

Can I charge it?

You can do with this water whatever you can do with any other water, spiritually speaking. It comes pre-loaded with life essence and a Lilithean goodwill blessing. Anything else is up to you.

How do I dispose of it?

It is perfectly safe to dispose any way water can be disposed. Due to the amino acids, plants absolutely love it! We recommend diluting it into your plants' water if you have some!

Artwork by Kittie Peters

Profane Water - Black Ritual Water
Profane Water - Black Ritual Water
Profane Water - Black Ritual Water
Profane Water - Black Ritual Water
Profane Water - Black Ritual Water

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