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Help Us Create A Free Evidence-Based Herbal Medicine Course

If you have tried to learn herbal medicine, then you know that vetting instructors is a nightmare. There's a big business for grifters and practitioners of woo offering unreliable and potentially dangerous misinformation.

Unfortunately the most evidence-based, scientific information about herbal plants is locked up tight behind Ivy-League paywalls.

Our sincerely held religious belief is that all human beings are entitled to evidence-based plant lore and information. We do not believe that anyone should charge money for this instruction.

The purpose of this campaign is to pay for Ivy League medicinal plant education that will then be synthesized by our team of educators, researchers and writers into a FREE herbal medicine course available to anyone, anywhere, any time. Note: No copywritten course material will be redistributed. Instead, all information will be synthesized, rewritten and repackaged through the efforts of the Luciferian Dominion Lectory.

We reject the concept of for-profit education and seek to liberate vital human knowledge by any means.

Critically, if we enroll by the end of December 31st, we will get 30% off our tuition (and the less money we have to give to an Ivy League school, the better). Otherwise we will still be able to enroll at the full price of $3,600.

The course we are paying for is a 12 week intensive course offering the best scientific knowledge on the subject that colonialism can buy and hoard. We want to disrupt that completely. Help us decolonize plant lore and make quality information free to all.

As of this time we are organized as a nonstock religious corporation. Donations are tax-deductible as church giving, which is not the same as 501(c)3 charitable giving. If you are planning on deducting your gift, please understand the difference in reporting requirements.

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