Our Commitment to the Natural World

Our Luciferian ministry revolves around environmental and human care. It is our belief that we are the natural stewards, not exploiters, of this fragile world, and that human ravagement through capitalism is an abberation.

The tenets of our religion require that we put our money where our mouths are and step up to achieve this natural Dominion, directly or indirectly, at every opportunity.

Here are some ways we do that through Shop⛧Lucifer.

1 Sale = 1 Planted Tree!

Through our partnership with Ecologi, every sale through our store plants a tree as part of a reforestation project on top of a monthly contribution we make to plant even more trees! To learn more about the trees planted & to plant your own trees click here!


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Carbon Offsetting

By contributing to Gold Standard verified climate projects, we make sure our carbon offsets and contributions actually count against our harmful behavior in the course of business. This is done on top of minimizing our already-low carbon footprint at every opportunity.

Human Care

We invest in verified climate projects that not only reduce carbon and restore biomes, but that help people in developing nations, including energy and fuel efficiency projects. You can see the global projects we invest in here.

We also make an additional monthly contribution to reforest and restore Appalachian mining communities and sections of the Appalachian Trail that were ravaged by the mining industry here in the United States.

Ethical Packaging

We choose packaging that is ecologically responsible, Fair Trade, and renewably sourced at every opportunity. Click here to learn more about our packaging.