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Ritual Kyphi by Strange Fire & Fumery

Kyphi is an ancient Egyptian dough incense.

This ritual kyphi was handmade with the research and care you expect from Strange Fire & FumeryThis exquisite blend of aromatic reagents was developed as faithfully as possible to ancient recipes, and created using a painstaking method outlined by Plutarch.

Intended to be burned over charcoal, each lump of kyphi should be pinched off in pea sized pieces and replaced as needed.

While this traditional kyphi is intended for ritual use, it is extremely fragrant and pleasant and suitable for casual use, but be warned: kyphi can produce quite a lot of smoke, so be sure to use proper ventilation, or burn outdoors, or in a large space.

Ingredients: Raisins, dates, honey, red wine, myrrh, frankincense, santalum, orris root, juniper berries, benzoin, cinnamon

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