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Datura innoxia Seeds

12 dry D. innoxia seeds in a gIassine envelope.

Archlector Strange has lovingly raised and bred this Datura cultivar for years. It produces huge, beautiful bells and pristine smaller blooms. These seeds were harvested from mature seed pods. No chemicals are used on these plants at any point.

This cultivar has a gorgeous fragrance just after blooming in the evening. Numerous plants create a dreamy atmosphere when blooming at once. D. innoxia leaves are velvety soft and have the quintessential Datura "peanut butter" scent when rubbed.

They are ideal for planting, ritual use, Poison Path use, or the knowledgeable creation of salves and ointments. Please be responsible and careful when using any part of this plant. These seeds are not for human consumption.

Datura are notoriously capricious to germinate! Please read multiple resources and keep trying!
Datura innoxia Seeds
Datura innoxia Seeds

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